Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothie with Sea Salt Caramel and Hot Fudge Topping Gluten Free & Vegan. What does one do when one is on food restrictions but wants needs some sweet and yummy comfort food? And chocolate? I made a chocolate pumpkin smoothie and drizzled some sea salt caramel and hot fudge sauce on top of it. And oh by the way - it's gluten free, vegan, has minimal sugar, and is chock full of protein. And delicious. Perfect for one of "those days." Sweatpants and messy hair are entirely optional.
Upcycled Wood Tray Gets a Mrs. Claus DIY by I've been hanging onto this old Fetzer crate for awhile, waiting for the perfect opportunity to upcycle it. I'll take you through the steps for the DIY to make the Mrs. Claus Cookie Co tray, and send you to the source for a free printable. Who is ready to leave out some milk and cookies for Santa?
9 Successful Bloggers Gift Wrapped Their Best Advice Just for You by

Upcycled Wood Tray Gets a Mrs. Claus DIY

I’ve been hanging onto this old Fetzer crate for awhile, waiting for the perfect opportunity to upcycle it. I’ll take you through the steps for the DIY to make the Mrs. Claus Cookie Co tray, and send you to the source for a free printable. Who is ready to leave out some milk and cookies for Santa?

Fragrant & Festive Pomander Tutorial

The pomander has it’s origins back to the Middle Ages. Today, the Pomander is more associated with Colonial times, however research varies if they were made mostly with apples or oranges. Nonetheless, a Pomander is a fragrant and festive decoration you can display at home, or give as a Christmas or holiday gift.

All Natural Homemade Mason Jar Santa Candle

Today my loves, you are getting TWO tutorials – an all in one stop to make an all-natural and homemade mason jar Santa Candle. This was my first foray into homemade candle making. It was fun to try something new, and I’ll take you through it step-by-step so you can make one yourself!

Kate Spade DIY Christmas Ornament

At $30 each, these Kate Spade Christmas ornaments are too fabulous for words. At next to nothing, the DIY is even better. While we all know that my crafting skills are… well… let’s just say that if I can pull it off, so can you!

Rustic Christmas Porch Vignette

There is something so cozy and comforting about a rustic Christmas vignette, especially to greet you on the front porch. Mine has some funky junk involved, and a pretty funny backstory.

Don't Have a Meltdown DIY Sign

I couldn’t find a sign I liked for the front entrance for this holiday season. While I’m not the most creative or talented person out there, I do enjoy a fun DIY project. I wanted to make a sign that would last beyond Christmas and into the winter months. No meltdowns allowed on this DIY project!

Grandma Charlotte's Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie Recipe

My Grandma Charlotte passed at Christmas time when I was a baby. It was hard on my Mom, but we made her sugar cookies every year to honor her memory. This is the REAL DEAL. It’s not some fancy schmancy dough in a bag that is artificially made to create the most perfect Martha-Stewart-Pin-Worthy cookies. It’s old-timey dough and an old-timey recipe.

Recycle Old Christmas Cards with a Cutie Crate DIY

Do you keep old Christmas cards every year? This is an easy way to recycle those cards and make a DIY that will be a big hit with this year’s decorations.

Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg

We took a family trip to Williamsburg, VA this past weekend. Stepson and I toured Colonial Williamsburg together and met up with Dad later. It was a fun and special Stepmother-Stepson afternoon to see Colonial Williamsburg at Christmastime.

The Holly & Ivy Christmas Table

Today’s Christmas tablescape is reminiscent of a time gone by with holly and ivy patterns, traditional china, and traditional Christmas green.

How to Plan for the Holidays and Keep Your Sanity

The stores have their Christmas decorations out at the beginning of October. You can ignore them for a minute, but now, the holidays are right around the corner. Are you totally stressing? Deep breaths my friend.

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The Story Behind the Coconut Head 

During cancer treatment and the various stages of hair loss and growth, one of my husband’s favorite ways to cope with the changes and keep us both laughing was to come up with funny nicknames to describe the hot mess on the top of my head, which replaced my long, beautiful, red, curly hair. My favorite was “dog with mange” but the one that stuck the most was “Coconut Head.” When my hair was shaved clean down to the scalp, there were a few stray hairs that still seemed to grow, and my head really did look like a coconut.

Everyone has something going on in their lives.  I challenge you to take the bad and make something good out of it.  I’m excited for this journey, and I would love to have you join me!

Your Warrior Sister,


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