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Aug 28

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Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Kiss Drop Cookies

Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Kiss Drop Cookies.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  And yes, they are as good as they sound!  My muse was a bag of Hershey Kisses that were pumpkin spice flavor.  I was a little skeptical when tried them, and then had to practice restraint.  This recipe is semi-homemade.  I love baking cookies from scratch.  I also love baking cookies with a little mom-cheat.


Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Hershey Kiss Drop Cookie Recipe by #fall #autumn


I wondered if I could make some kind of pumpkin spice cookie instead of the traditional Peanut Butter Blossoms or Kiss Drop Cookies that we are all familiar with that uses the traditional chocolate Hershey Kisses.  And then I thought about combining pumpkin together with a snickerdoodle cookie.  Surly it has been done before.  And it has been.  Homemade.  Meh.  I’m in a semi-homemade mood today – I don’t want to bake cookies from scratch.  Hummmm…..


Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Hershey Kiss Drop Cookie Recipe by #fall #autumn


I used a bag of Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookie mix.  You don’t even need the Snickerdoodle Cookie mix for this one.  I added only about 3/4 of the can of pumpkin puree.  You don’t want the entire can.  And then you need to add the flour little by little until it’s not sticky.  Depending on the quantity of pumpkin puree you add, you may need more or less than the 1 1/2 cups.  I used a little more.  Don’t be afraid to add more, just do it one tablespoon at a time.  It will be a thick and doughy consistency.  When the dough goes from sticking to your hands to being able to roll it into a small ball, you have reached the right consistency.


Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Hershey Kiss Drop Cookie Recipe by #fall #autumn


By adding pumpkin spice to the cinnamon sugar, it gives it that seasonal flair.  We had a house full of boys here on the day that I made them, and one of the Littles stayed in the kitchen and helped me roll the dough balls in the sugar.  Just like when you make Kiss Drop cookies, you want to add the kisses when the cookies come right out of the oven and gently press down.


Because of all of the flour, the cookies are fluffy and have more of a cake-like consistency to them.  Depending on how big you make the cookies, this recipe should yield around 4 dozen or so.


Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Hershey Kiss Drop Cookie Recipe by #fall #autumn


Click on the recipe card to open up a new page for a printable version.


Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Hershey Kiss Drop Cookie Recipe by #fall #autumn


The boys loved these cookies, and I’m sure you will too.  I’m a huge fan of pumpkin so get emotionally prepared for a few more recipes coming your way soon!


Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Hershey Kiss Drop Cookie Recipe by #fall #autumn


If you are in the mood for another fall treat, you should check out these Adorable Acorn Treats!


Acorn Treat by Try these at home! #hersheykiss #vanillawafer #fall #autumn


Love, hugs, and eating just one more.  Just one more.  Just one more.




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  1. Jessica

    Those look super yummy, although I cannot say that I have ever seen the spice kisses in the stores but now I will be looking for sure so I can make me a batch of these… mouth watering YUM!!

    1. Holly

      Hi Jessica – I was definitely skeptical but they are amazing! Hugs, Holly

  2. Elizabeth

    Holly, these look fantastic! I love it. Perfect for fall…which I am unprepared for. I cannot believe it is almost September. Pinning!

    1. Holly

      Hi Elizabeth – I know, I feel like I blinked and it’s fall! Thanks for pinning! Hugs, Holly

  3. Leslie

    Oh cute! I’m seeing everything fall and I’m so excited! I can not wait for fall. These look amazing!

    1. Holly

      Hi Leslie – It’s still very hot outside, but I’m excited for fall too! Hugs, Holly

  4. Kristina & Millie

    oh nom nom nom i am going to be on the look out for these pumpkin kisses!

    1. Holly

      Hi K&M – They are the best! I could eat the entire bag. Hugs, Holly

  5. lisa@hooplapalooza

    the combo of pumpkin and snickerdoodles sounds absolutely divine! i must make these! thank you Holly :)

    1. Holly

      Hi Lisa – They are delish! Hugs, Holly

  6. Weekends Are Fun (Linky)

    Ooooh these looks good and with a cake mix? Makes it eastastic!!! Thanks for sharing this weekend!!!

    1. Holly

      Hi Karren – I love anything that is semi-homemade! Hugs, Holly

      1. Weekends Are Fun (Linky)

        Im all for the easy recipes, anything to shorten up prep time.
        Wshing you a great weekend!!

  7. Melinda @Home.Made.Interest

    Stopping by from The Creative Collection link party. These snickerdoodles look delicious! Definitely making these for the family for Thanksgiving! Pinning!

    1. Holly

      Hi Melinda – These would be perfect for Thanksgiving snacks or dessert. Thanks so much for pinning! Hugs, Holly

  8. Weekends Are Fun (Linky)

    Holly……………These are the most dangerous snicker doodles I have ever seen!!! YUM!!!

    1. Holly

      Hi Karren – Tell me something I don’t know… they keep disappearing!!! Hugs, Holly

  9. Shari Eckstrom

    Stopping by from Weekends are fun to pin your fabulous post and to invite you to share at Foodie Fridays going on now. Hope to see you there!

    1. Holly

      Hi Shari – Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind invitation! Hugs, Holly

  10. Julie V.

    I hadn’t heard of pumpkin spnickerdoodles until this year, and the kiss on tip looks so yummy. Thank you.

    1. Holly

      Hi Julie – So I guess instead of a cherry on top, it’s a kiss on top? Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Holly

  11. Bobbi

    They make pumpkin spice kisses?? I didn’t know and now I’m gonna be on the search! Another great recipe! Love your food! ;)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Pinning it

    1. Holly

      Hi Bobbi – This is the first year I’ve seen these and I hope they make them all year round. Thanks so much for your kind words! Hugs, Holly

  12. Alexis Peloquin

    Those look so yummy! I have a friend who would love these, thanks for the recipe.

    1. Holly

      Hi Alexis – Your friend would love you even more if you made these! Hugs, Holly

  13. Michele

    Oh, Holly- that’s brilliant – two AWESOME flavors together. I am soooo gonna try this recip4e!
    Thank you!

    1. Holly

      Hi Michelle – They are soooo good, and if you can find the pumpkin spice Kisses… all the better! Hugs, Holly

  14. Shaina

    YUM!! These cookies look delicious, and I love that we are entering pumpkin season..yay!

    1. Holly

      Hi Shaina – I am on a pumpkin obsession right now. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Holly

  15. susan - ofeverymoment

    I hadn’t heard of the pumpkin kisses before. Thanks for linking this at the Turn It Up Tuesday linkup!

    1. Holly

      Hi Susan – Watch out, they are very addicting! Hugs, Holly

  16. Susan

    You had me at pumpkin! And I’ll be calling you Holly Crocker now, my baking fiend friend.

    1. Holly

      Hi Susan – Is it THAT obvious that all I’ve been doing lately is baking! It’s that time of the year and I love being in the kitchen. Hugs, Holly

  17. Sherry

    Oh yummy. I love your photo’s. The cookies sound wonderful. I have always loved those kiss acorns.
    This post is perfect for my Fall linky party! Come by and join!

    1. Holly

      Hi Sherry – Thank you for your kind words, and for the invitation! Hugs, Holly

  18. Colleen

    These look so good! I’m featuring you on Wonderful Wednesday blog hop this week on Sugar Aunts. Thanks for stopping by and linking up. Hope to see you again at the linky party!

    1. Holly

      Hi Colleen – Woo thanks so much for the feature! Hugs, Holly

  19. Kathy

    these sound wonderfully delicious! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    1. Holly

      Hi Kathy – Thank you for your sweet comments. Hugs, Holly

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