Don't Mind Me... Just Napping on a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness by

Don’t Mind Me… Just Napping on a Pink Ribbon

It’s the month that we love.  It’s the month that we hate.  It’s the month that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a pink ribbon.  But this October, this breast cancer advocate is taking a much needed rest.  Nothing to see here.  Go about your business and don’t mind me… I’m just here […] Read more…


$800 Cash Fall Giveaway

Is your summer vacation still on your Visa card?  Junior needs a computer for school this year?  Already worried about the upcoming holiday season?  Today I’m joining up with the wonderful Cristy at Pretty My Party and some other blog friends to help promote an $800 cash giveaway.  See below for all of the details […] Read more…

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